Every week at Kids Club we have safe, fun, and age-appropriate environments created for your child! We want them to know that God loves them, they can trust Him no matter what, and they can grow to Love Like Jesus.

What is Kids Club?

Each Sunday, infants through 5th-grade children can be part of age-specific classes where the Bible is taught in a creative, fun, and relevant way.

We would love for you and your family to visit Kids Club this Sunday. Join the fun, and embark on an adventure where kids meet Jesus on their level!

AGES 2 – 4


A relationship with God can start early in life. Explore Worship is for kids age 2-4. In this class the kids will be introduced to God through creative and tactile experiences.

Pre-K – Kindergarten


Adventure Worship is our class for kids PreK-Kindergarden. In this class they will be introduced to God by studying the Bible, playing games and beginning to read the Word.

GRADES 1 – 5


Expedition Worship is reserved for kids 1st-5th grade. In this class we will study the Bible and begin a deeper relationship with God through games, Bible stories, and video.

Your First Visit

We have guest parking right at the front door of our building specifically for your first visit! You and your family can expect a warm greeting and to be directed to our children’s classrooms.

When you arrive at the age-specific classroom for your child, we’ll take some time to get to know your child. We’ll ask about allergies, make sure we get to know your child, and collect your contact information if we need to get ahold of you.

During class, your kids can expect to learn about God through interactive lessons, games, prayer time, and communion. They will learn that Jesus loves them, and they can start their journey with Christ today, no matter how old they are.

What We Value

Creative Bible Teaching

We love to make teaching the Bible fun and creative! Your child will find that we have new activities each week to engage them with how God’s Word applies to their life.


We value each child’s ability to learn and grow in their Christian walk in their own unique ways. We want to get to know your child specifically and help them grow in the unique ways God has wired them.


Especially for younger kids, it’s important that they are able to learn at their level. With our Explore, Adventure, and Expedition classes, we develop meaningful spaces for your child’s age group.


Learning about Jesus shouldn’t be boring! With snacks, games, singing, dancing, and more, we try to make every week a blast!


Safety is important to us! Here are some ways we prioritize safety:

  • Each volunteer undergoes an extensive background check.

  • There are windows in every door so we all can see in each classroom at all times.

  • Every child can only be dropped off and picked up by their parent.

Extra Resources

We want to partner together as you parent your child. Check out these additional helpful resources!

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